The Truth About Sugar with Dr Ursula Levine

15th March 2021
SPEAKER - Dr Ursula

Lanserhof at The Arts Club presents, The Truth About Sugar with Dr Ursula Levine.

In the UK, we are consuming more than double the recommended amount of sugar and while many of us are aware of the serious health risks associated with overconsumption (including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancers), do we know where the sweet stuff is hiding? And have we been overwhelmed by misinformation?

Listen back as Lanserhof at The Arts Club practitioner, Dr Ursula Levine, takes a closer look at what happens when the body absorbs sugar and the dangers of getting addicted. We’re well aware of its presence in processed food, but how much is in the fruit we consume? Or products that are pedalled as healthy, or ‘low sugar’ alternatives? When our body needs energy, it can get this from either sugar or fat, but with both food groups being demonised by mainstream media, it’s important to understand how moderate consumption can play a role in a healthy, balanced diet.




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