Dress Code

The Arts Club operates a smart/elegant dress code and members and their guests are encouraged to dress up for the occasion. Those who fail to do so may be refused entry.

On the weekends, or on a bank holiday from 8.00AM – 6.00PM, children are welcome at the club and we ask that they are also smartly attired.


  • Overly ripped jeans
  • Denim shorts
  • Men in shorts
  • Hot pants
  • Gym trainers or other overly casual footwear
  • Flip flops or other overly casual sandals
  • Sportswear, athleisure, tracksuits or hooded sweatshirts
  • Baseball caps, beanies and any other hats, aside from elegant hats such as a fedora or trilby (which should be removed in the restaurants)
  • Overly revealing attire
  • Tracksuits

Those who technically comply with the dress code but still do not appear sufficiently well-presented may be refused entry and this decision will be entirely at the discretion of our front desk team. We ask that members make their guests aware, and we ask that you ensure the dress code is conveyed to any guests you invite to the club.

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