The Simplicity Principle: in conversation with Julia Hobsbawm

‘The answer to the question of our modern time: how to recapture simplicity in our lives so we can once again connect with ourselves… Julia Hobsbawm has given us the answer’ Arianna Huffington

From paring back your news sources to reducing your wardrobe à la Obama, entrepreneur and author of The Simplicity Principle, Julia Hobsbawm introduces us to new ways of leading a simple, thoughtful life with creativity, clarity and focus.

Inspired by her time working with the great American activist Maya Angelou, Julia applies her favourite saying, ‘Keep It Simple, Sweetie’, in her new book, The Simplicity Principle. Julia focuses on two central principles summed up in a six-word mantra; keep it simple, learn from nature. Never has this been timelier, as our podcast is recorded during a live digital talk with Julia, as we continue to self-isolate during COVID-19.

Julia Hobsbawm’s latest book, The Simplicity Principle, is available to buy now from good bookshops, and online at Waterstones.


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