The Illegal Wildlife Trade & Deadly Diseases

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We are proud to introduce Giant Conversations, a series of talks exploring our relationship with the natural world, in partnership with international conservation organisation Space for Giants.

In the first of our talks, we discuss the illegal killing and consumption of wildlife continues to destroy habitats and introduce exotic animals and their parts into the human food chain. Here, we delve into the connection between this and the rise of human pandemics, and the implications for our future relationship with nature.

Moderated by Dr Max Graham, Space for Giants Founder and CEO, we are joined by three world experts, Max Gomera; director of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at the United Nations, Dr Gladys Kalema; Ugandan wildlife veterinarian, conservationist and epidemiologist and the founder of Conservation Through Public Health and Professor Lee White; The Minister for Forests, Oceans, Environment and Climate Change, Gabon, Central Africa.


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