The Heartbeat of Iran

With Iraq to the west and bordered by Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, Iran sits in the middle of a region fraught with uncertainty that continues to dominate headlines worldwide. Listen back as we were joined by award-winning journalist Tara Kangarlou, whose new book The Heartbeat of Iran comes at a momentous time in Iran’s history. But far from focusing on the political narrative, Tara explores the heart and soul of the nation; drawing on true stories of the nation’s people to communicate the diverse beliefs, struggles, and complexities of life in today’s Iran.

Joining Tara was BBC World News presenter, journalist and documentary maker, Yalda Hakim. At a poignant moment for the region, the pair consider how people’s shared humanity, culture, and aspirations are far greater and more powerful than any rift or divide. As we explore the experiences of individuals, like a hardworking saffron farmer in the dry lands of Khorasan, a young Rabbi, or a transgender woman in Tehran, a humanised understanding of the nation of Iran unfolds.



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