Rethinking Business for a Sustainable Future

With a target of reaching a net zero economy in the UK by 2050, pressure is mounting for businesses large and small to forge new paths towards a low carbon, resource efficient and innovative future. But how do we catalyse rapid change in the most challenging sectors, or identify those that have the biggest capacity for impact?

In partnership with ClientEarth, we welcomed Dr Gabrielle Walker, Founder and Director of Valence Solutions, who discusses the ways in which capitalism can be used as a force against the climate crisis, and a means to generate radical change for a sustainable future.

During the talk, Dr Walker references a film depicting the rapid temperature increase of the earth’s surface, 1880 – 2020 which can be viewed here: NASA: ‘Global Warming from 1880 to 2020’ Dr Walker also references a poignant message on a plaque, located at the first glacier lost to climate change, in Iceland. This can be viewed here: The Guardian: ‘Iceland holds funeral for first glacier lost to climate change’

In partnership with ClientEarth

Learn more about Dr Gabrielle Walker’s work and Valence Solutions Website:


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