How Family Relationships Shape our Happiness

What enables some families to thrive in adversity, when others fragment?

At a poignant moment in which world news and economical challenges threaten both our mental and physical wellbeing, strengthening family relationships is of paramount importance.

As we navigate the challenges and nuances of these connections, we’re pleased to have been joined by renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author of Grief Works, Julia Samuel, who’s seminal new text Every Family Has a Story explores these complexities and provides a blueprint for a happier, healthier family life.

Through academic research and case studies, Samuel introduces 12 touchstones to combat common challenges, from fighting productively to making time for rituals. Together with bestselling author and host of the Not Perfect podcast, Poppy Jamie, the pair dissect these touchstones, introduce easily implementable strategies, and consider the importance of examining your own inherited family patterns and behaviours.



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