Decarbonomics in the Post-Pandemic World – with Charles Dumas

With climate change a topic of critical importance for the global economy, set to be a key policy, economic and corporate strategy driver both now and for the next decade, we’re pleased to have been joined by Charles Dumas, chief economist at TS Lombard for over 15 years, to share insights into the rapidly changing landscape of global economics.

As major economies (including the EU, UK, Japan and South Korea) commit to going net-zero by 2050 and China targeting the same for 2060, large investments are needed to combat climate change. Continued need for budget deficits tells us that private savers want to save more than private businesses can profitably invest, but that may change as we combat climate change – and will likely require the imposition of a carbon tax. With over 40 years’ experience as an economist and financial markets professional, Dumas discusses Decarbonomics and its convergence with the fourth industrial revolution, in which 5G, AI, loT, smart grids, smart EVs/self-driving cars and smart cities will transform the world we live in today – creating new fractures for the global economy as traditional supply chains get disrupted, but also generating immense new opportunities.

Click here to view more about Charles’ book, Decarbonomics in the Post-Pandemic World.


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