Cultural Heritage – Beyond Monuments

‘UNESCO depicts heritage as tangible and intangible. For many years, we looked at the tangible, we looked at the building, the brick and mortar; but in the last few years we started to focus our efforts on the people who live around the heritage sites.’ – Nada Hosking, Executive Director, Global Heritage Fund

Nada Hosking, Executive Director of Global Heritage Fund, leads an insightful talk on the importance of empowering communities to preserve their cultural heritage and connections to their past.

Journey from historic towns in Yunnan, China to Moroccan mountain ranges and ancient cities in Santa Marta as Nada discusses why protecting heritage matters, the benefits cultural heritage sites have for local communities and the social, environmental and cultural factors affecting them.

Founded in 2002, Global Heritage Fund have partnered with local communities, governments and organisations across the globe to protect places of memory for future generations.


Image credit: Amit Pasricha/Global Heritage Fund


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