Crypto Art After The Crash: Panel Discussion

It happened (slowly) with the internet, and it’s happening again with blockchain; the art world is changing. Whilst sales of NFT art have been dominating the headlines, a quiet revolution has been underway, with unprecedented innovation opening doors to new solutions for art and culture around the globe.

The Arts Club is delighted to host a stellar lineup of speakers to discuss how a new generation of creators is transforming the way art is traded, collected, authenticated and made.

Panel speakers include:

  • Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, CEO at Arcual
  • Alex Estorick, Editor-in-Chief at Right Click Save
  • Misan Harriman, artist, entrepreneur, activist, NFT collector and Chairman of the Southbank Centre
  • Valérie Whitacre, Head of Art at Trilitech

In association with Artistate.

Anna Carreras, Pinzell d’arbres, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist.


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