COVID-19: Debunking the Myths

In the first week of January, the UK announced its highest daily total of confirmed Covid-19 infections to date. As the virus continues to dominate both the headlines and our lives, we consider the growing concerns around long tail Covid, and those reporting lingering symptoms weeks – and even months – after their initial infection.

Listen back as Dr Jonathan Garabette and Lanserhof at The Arts Club practitioner, Dr Tamsin Lewis, and COO, Mario Pederzolli, consider possible causes, long-term implications and the ways in which patients might be supported. Dr Lewis draws on both her personal and professional experience, as she continues to recover from the virus herself, while helping numerous patients with their journeys back to full health. From exercise and nutrition to reducing anxiety and building resilience, Dr Lewis and Dr Garbette share a wealth of advice and recommendations to optimise physical and mental health.


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