A Doctor, Ironman Champion and Elite Athlete on Contracting COVID-19

Lanserhof at The Arts Club practitioner, Dr Tamsin Lewis has recently recovered from COVID-19 and joins us online to discuss her experience, both as a medical professional and victim of the virus.

What’s working to beat the virus? Do supplements help? What are the best coping mechanisms? How can we improve our resilience and manage anxiety? From the benefits of intermittent fasting to breathing techniques, the nutrition and lifestyle choices that will reduce inflammation and sleep aids that actually work; Dr Lewis shares a wealth of advice and recommendations to optimise our physical and mental health.

King’s College trained, with post graduate qualifications in Psychiatry and a BSC in Neuroscience and Biology of Ageing, Dr Lewis is also a former GB elite triathlete and Ironman Champion. At the peak of good health, the virus has challenged her mental and physical wellbeing, and she’s drawn on her own expertise and those of her medical peers to navigate her recovery, with many valuable lessons we can all learn from.

Some of the key products Dr Lewis mentions in her talk which you may be interested to research further; High doses of vitamin C will help with reducing inflammation. Doses are 1g/hr on first sign of symptoms, up to 10g. Liposomal vitamin C is better tolerated. Altrient C is a good brand.

A bath with magnesium salts can help relax the body and aid sleep and calm your nervous system. Doc Parsley’s sleep remedy (see Wellgevity.com ) comes highly recommended by Dr Lewis, as well as Melatonin 1-5mg. Magnesium glycinate has a good calming effect and can help before sleep or HVMN Yawn supplement which contains this. A “Pulse Oxygen monitor” p02 device can monitor your pulse rate and oxygen which can be useful to see how acute symptoms are and whether hospitalisation may be needed. These are available and affordable from Amazon.

Far-UVC light is a new tool to control the spread of airborne mediated microbial diseases, of which corona is one. This may help reduce spread and contagion. KETONE Ester is a drink which is effective for cognitive function, inflammation and supports fasting. It can be beneficial for enhancing performance. Consultations with Dr Lewis can be arranged with Lanserhof at The Arts Club.


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