Markus Schinwald

Born 1973 in Salzburg, Austria

Lives and works in Vienna & New York

Taking the inadequacy and uncanniness of the human body as his starting point, Markus Schinwald draws on historical, artistic and philosophical and psychoanalytic references to explore the relationship between space and body, and between the individual and the collective being.

For works such as ‘Marina’ and ‘Benno’ at The Arts Club, Schinwald makes interventions into existing paintings, adding weird gadgetry and prosthetic accessories – such as those seen around the heads – on and around them. Viewers are hijacked into a mysterious and romantic world of possibilities and imagined stories, fed from our collective unconscious. Pathos, eros, memory, time, silence, desire, obsession, fetishism, compulsion and metamorphosis are only some of the possible ideas that are conveyed by Markus Schinwald’s works.

Markus Schinwald work has been widely exhibited internationally at such institutions as the Conservera Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Spain, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the 54th Venice Biennale, Austrian Pavilion, Venice, Italy.


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