Daniel Crews Chubb

Born in 1984, Northampton, UK

Lives and works in London, UK

Daniel Crews-Chubb’s deeply expressive works conjure spectacular collisions between abstraction and figuration; painterly and sculptural; and materiality and mythological. His multimedia surfaces incorporate vividly coloured oils and acrylics that rub up against sand, charcoals, pastels, and textiles; patchworked together into raw and energetic compositions that elucidate the expressions and poses of his subjects. Crews-Chubb’s paintings, in his own words, are ‘a dance between order and chaos.’

Crews-Chubb’s oeuvre draws inspiration from personal experience and beacons of literary and cultural history. ‘Flowers 26 (Orange, Green, White, Black)’ (2022) is part of the artist’s ongoing Flowers series, which reinterprets the timeless art historical subject of the still life. Finding inspiration from wide-ranging sources such as Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers and the Italian Futurists’ desire to capture movement in action and life in motion, Crews-Chubb constructs, deconstructs and reconstructs his paintings’ surfaces, collaging materials in an almost sculptural relief while applying pigments. ‘Flowers 26 (Orange, Green, White, Black)’ demonstrates the power of his unique process – known as ‘collage painting’ – to leave the viewer with the impression that the flowers continue to grow and transform on the canvas in front of them.

Daniel Crews Chubb has exhibited widely across the United Kingdom and his work is held in important institutional collections around the world including the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK; Denver Art Museum, Denver CO; The Long Museum, Shanghai, CN; The Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection New York, NY and Saatchi Gallery, London, UK.


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