Ambitus II

January 2018

Russian-born Bessmertny showcases a selection of paintings and mixed media works in the exhibition, titled Ambitus II. This wide-arching review of Bessmertny’s working practice provides the viewer with a comprehensive introduction to the artist’s oeuvre.

The exhibition is split into two sections: with one room showing works from the artist’s popular ‘Remake’ series and, in another, a display of works from the recent series ‘Aedificium’ and ‘Deity of Doubt’.

Bessmertny’s 2005 series, ‘Remake’, was inspired by counterfeit DVDs, which are readily available on the streets of the artist’s adopted hometown of Macau. The poorly filmed footage on the DVDs features roaming cinema-goers and mistranslated subtitles, which inspired Bessmertny to create a series of heavily distorted, painted movie stills, alongside jarring, provocative statements.

The painted series ‘Aedificium’ and ‘Deity of Doubt’ both seek to challenge current trends, perceptions and political doctrines.


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