Lockdown Artist Residency

27th November 2020
RA lockdown residency Max Prus

Conscious that the lockdown has made life more challenging for young artists, The Arts Club opened the Drawing and Ante Rooms up as studio space for talented Royal Academy Schools fine art alumni, Hannah Bays and Max Prus.

With social distancing and health and safety measures in place throughout the currently closed club, the pair have been quietly working on individual paintings and drawings. In Bays’ work there is a clear push and pull between the abstract and figurative, the symbolic and the purely formal, with colour used loudly and seductively, while Prus’ work is typically defined by complex narratives; a cultural and social approach to storytelling, through figurative painting and drawings.

Pictured here are completed works by Max Prus and Hannah Bays, drawing on inspiration from their surroundings and the club’s rich history.


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